Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Our hybrid eyelash extensions are the perfect combination of classic and volume lash extension techniques. The hybrid eyelash extensions set is a great choice for those who want to achieve amazing volume but still desire a fairly natural look. Our high quality, vegan-friendly lashes, will be bonded to your natural lashes using our light-weight adhesive. We recommend refills be applied after around 3-4 weeks to maintain the best results.

About Beauty Lash Bond Hybrid eyelash extensions

Here at Beauty Lash Bond, we are passionate about assisting women to enhance their natural beauty. We take great joy in helping our customers improve their self-esteem and boost their confidence levels.
Located in the Melbourne suburb of Mordialloc, Beauty Lash Bond is a one-of-a-kind salon.

We take great pride in offering our valued customers a personalized experience when they visit our salon. We want you to leave Beauty Lash Bond 100% happy with your beautiful new lashes, and feeling amazing.

Every eye is different and we believe in treating every client as an individual. When you arrive for your appointment at Beauty Lash Bond, your stylist will assess your lashes and determine the best technique of application for your unique eye-shape and lash condition. We will discuss your desired results with you and do our utmost to ensure those results are achieved.

Our founder, Ling, and all of our lash stylists are fully certified extension technicians. We are constantly striving to improve our techniques by keeping up to date with the most current application methods and undergoing continuous training, so as to provide our clients with the best possible service.

At Beauty Lash Bond, we use only the best quality lashes and adhesive on the market. Our extensions are made from the best quality synthetic fiber and genuine cruelty-free materials.

Your eyes are precious, and for that reason, we take hygiene very seriously at Beauty Lash Bond. All of our equipment is thoroughly sanitized, and we maintain a high standard of salon hygiene at all times.

We use only the highest quality and most sought-after lash brands available, and our extensions are made from premium quality synthetic fiber, genuine cruelty-free, vegan-friendly materials. Our adhesive is also high quality and light-weight.

All of our equipment is thoroughly sanitized and we maintain a high standard of hygiene.

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When you book an appointment with one of our talented eyelash extension stylists, you will not only receive a set of luscious, beautiful lashes, you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind, personalized salon experience.

We can also come to you, so you can enjoy our service in the comfort of your own home. Evening appointments are also available. Contact one of our friendly staff today to discuss the best option for you.

At Beauty Lash Bond, we proudly assist our clients with their lashes from beginning to completion and beyond. Our stylists can help you with application, refills, and removals.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been longing for beautiful, full, long and luscious-looking lashes – they are only a phone call away. Come and visit us at Beauty Lash Bond, and we promise you will leave our salon with the pretty, natural-looking, fabulous lashes you’ve been looking for!

Call us today or head over to our booking page to book an appointment with one of our talented stylists. We promise you won’t be disappointed!