Eyelash Extensions Parkdale

Eyelash Extensions Parkdale

We have all, at least once in our lives, wished we could like Beyonce. However, you can surely be a close
second with quality eyelash extensions Parkdale. A lot of celebrities like the Queen B, Katie Perry and
Kylie Jenner, all have boasted about their lash extensions. It is easy, fuss-free and looks fabulous.
Moreover, if you get a lash extension service from our experts you won’t regret it. Whether you want a
natural everyday look, a super glam look or want to bee somewhere in the middle, e have got you
covered. Providing an efficient lash service that is natural, vegan and cruelty-free.

Lash Extensions For Days

Get a professional eyelash extensions service from our highly qualified lash technicians in Parkdale. Your dream of looking like a celebrity every day will be made to come true with our service. You don’t have to spend hours trying to get that false lash stuck right, just come to us and tell us the look you want. Our lash artists will help you select the perfect lash for you. We provide a range of lash
services such as:

 Classic lashes are the best option for all thee first-timers. A lash extension is added for every natural lash on your eyes. This technique gives you a fuller look that is natural enough to make you look like you were born with long wispy lashes. No need for lash curlers, false lashes, glue or even mascaras.

 Hybrid lashes are the perfect match between classic lashes and volume lashes. Hybrids are the baby bear of lashes, they are neither too big nor too small, they’re just right. This is the lash you want if you want to slightly amp up your everyday natural look.

 Volume lashes are the type of look you try to achieve with false lashes. Geet the ultimate voluminous lash with our expert lash service. With these lashes your ‘woke up like this look’ will be on a whole new level. The method involves sticking very thin individual lashes closely together to give that volume. The fan-shape depends on the type of curl you select, it can either be a very slight curve or a deep curve.

 Eyelash extension removal service is also provided by our experts. We know that lash extensions can be a bit too much. In addition, there’s a possibility that you did not like your previous lash extensions. In such a case we can easily remove your extensions.

Authentic And Natural Lashes In Parkdale

No matter what your favourite celebrity says or what the trend is, we don’t believe in giving you mink lashes. We really like minks and don’t want to use their hair for your lashes. Instead, we provide
natural, vegan lashes that are easier to apply. Moreover, mink lashes break quite easily and are not always the real thing. Often, “mink” lashes are in reality synthetic lashes that can harm your natural lashes and also your eyes.
You need to remember that a lash extension service takes an average of two hours. So, if you are planning to get eyelash extensions Parkdale, then you better plan ahead. We are a team of expert lash technicians who make sure that your eyes are always safe throughout the process. If you want to sit back, relax and get glam, visit our salon today.
At Beauty Lash Bond, we proudly assist our clients with their lashes from beginning to completion and beyond. Our stylists can help you with applications, refills, and removals.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been longing for beautiful, full, long and luscious-looking lashes – they are only a phone call away. Come and visit us at Beauty Lash Bond, and we promise you will leave our salon with the pretty, natural-looking, fabulous lashes you’ve been looking for!

Call us today or head over to our booking page to book an appointment with one of our talented stylists. We promise you won’t be disappointed!