Eyelash Extensions Mentone

Eyelash Extensions Mentone

Say farewell to false lashes that turns blinking into a major task, to clumpy lashes and eyelash glue that can glue your eye shut. Come to us today for eyelash extensions Mentone. Whether you’re looking for a natural or an all-out glam look, our lash technicians are here to make your lash dreams come true.
Lashes that are completely naturally, vegan and cruelty-free, and a service that is so relaxing you almost feel like you’re in a spa.

About Beauty Lash Bond eyelash extensions

A pair of lashes can easily amp up your look. However, applying false lashes on a daily basis can be so problematic and time-consuming. Moreover, lash application requires precision and A LOT of patience.
The better option is eyelash extension service from our experts in Mentone. Lash extensions are trending fashion trend amongst several celebrities, and we totally understand if you need the same look. Just come to us with a photo of your favourite celebrity and we’ll find the perfect eyelash extensions service for you.

We offer three different types of eyelash extensions Mentone include Classic, Volume and Hybrid lashes. Along with this, we also provide lash extension removal. Each session on average takes approximately 2 hours.

Classic Lashes

These are simply an extension of your natural lashes. For every natural lash an extension is added, giving you more volume and length without being too over-the-top. The classic extension is the classic choice. It transforms your everyday look and gives you just the right amount of glam.

Hybrid Lashes

The best of both worlds is the perfect way to describe the hybrid lashes. These are a combination of classic and volume lashes. Not too much and not too little either, hybrids are the way to go if you’re unsure. Save time on your everyday make-up routine with these babies. Even a no make-up look, will look extraordinary on you.

Volume Lashes:

Giving you the ultimate voluminous lash look, these lashes are for the fashionista in you. Enhance your look with these thick, black and wispy lashes. You can choose the level of curl you want. With these lashes you don’t need even a touch of mascara. Just flutter those lashes at every chance you get.

All Natural, Everyday! BEst Eyelash Extensions

We are a team of highly trained lash technicians and very dedicated workers. Every job is done with the ultimate precision and efficiency. Furthermore, we believe in using eyelashes that are completely natural, vegan and cruelty-free. We DO NOT offer mink lashes. The lashes we offer are extremely healthy for your lash-line and very healthy for the environment as well. It’s just that, we like minks. Also, more importantly, mink lashes can break easily and getting a simple refill will cost you quite a bit.
Our eyelash extensions services in Mentone are the finest in Melbourne. You will get luxury treatment in our spacious salon and lashes that are natural and 100% authentic.

We are a team of highly skilled lash artists who are here to provide you with an everyday glam look. Book an appointment with us today and get those fancy lashes fluttering.