Eyelash Extensions Beaumaris

Eyelash Extensions Beaumaris

Hoping to get those lashes looking dense and wispy? Getting those lashes extended is the way to go. We have perfected the art and provide eyelash extensions Beaumaris at competitive rates. Have a look at the range of services we offer. From the classic lashes to volume lashes, transform your look with our expert
service. Bid adieu to your mascaras, and say hello to natural, vegan and cruelty free non-fussy lashes!

The Lashes Of Your Choice

Whether you are looking for fuller lashes or dramatic lengthy ones, we can give you lashes for days! Our
professional licensed lash technicians can give you the eyelash extensions you are looking for. Now you
don’t have to worry about applying those frustrating false lashes and worry about gluing your eyes shut.
Just book an appointment with us for eyelash extensions in Beaumaris and get the lash of your choice.
There are several types of eyelash extensions services, that you can choose from:

Classic Lashes.


The perfect start for first timers, the classic lash is simply an enhancement of your natural
lashes. Working with a 1:1 ratio where one lash extension is applied to your natural lash. This
gives you a fuller yet more natural look. So, if you are looking for a natural everyday look, go for
the classics, they will never disappoint.

Hybrid Lashes.


If you want an ever-so-slight amount of drama in your life, these are the lashes you are looking
for. A bit of utility and a bit of flare, the perfect combination. Hybrids combine the classic lashes
with volume lashes giving you the right kind of oomph in your daily look. Amp up your daily
looks with hybrid lashes and strut the streets of Melbourne with your chin and your lashes up!

Eyelash Extension Removal.


We understand that eyelash extensions can sometimes be a bit too much to handle. Hence, we offer to remove those lashes and free those eyes of any glue or extra lash.

Volume Lashes.

Welcome the fierce drama in your life with eyelash extensions that give you super voluminous lashes. These are a set of thin lashes which are are glued together very tightly to give your eyes a whole lot of volume. Moreover, these lashes are usually fan-shaped which gives you the ultimate dramatic eye look daily with zero effort on your part. So, flutter those eyelashes and make the others blush with our eyelash extension service.

No Minks, Please!

It’s true! We don’t do the signature mink eyelashes. Why? Because we care about minks and you. Our
vegan and cruelty-free lashes are not just good for your lash-line but also good for the environment.
Mink lashes can easily break and are often not natural at all. Most of the times, even though they are
advertised as minks, the lashes are synthetically manufactured eyelashes. However, the lashes provided
by us are light on the eyes and 100% authentic.

The eyelash extension service we provide in Beaumaris is the best one you can get in Melbourne. We are a
team of lash technicians who are dedicated to give you the lashes of your dreams. With patience and a
lot of careful, intricate work on our part, you can have the eyelashes you want. Additionally, if you are
unsure which type of lashes will suit you the best, our team of experts can help you. Visit us or call our
team, and wisp away all your lash problems with the blink of an eye!