Booking Policies

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Appointment / Booking Policy

We encourage customer to book through our online scheduling system to facilitate your booking process with us. You may alter your appointment schedule with us via text message, phone call or email provided with sufficient notice (at least 24 hours before your appointment date) to us. 

On time arrival

For first time visit customer, it is advisable to arrive at least 15 minute earlier for consultation. You are advised to arrive on time for your appointment to ensure that we have sufficient time for your booked service and quality results. The length of the appointment may be reduced due to time restraints and we reserve the right to reschedule your appointment if your arrival is over 15 minutes for your appointment due to circumstances it might affect the next appointment.  


Customer is required to provide at least 24 hours’ cancellation notice before your scheduled appointment. Deposit will be forfeited for failure to provide such notice of a cancellation or do not show up to your appointment.  


We reserve ourself the right to cancel any refill appointment upon inspection and without notice, if we deem another technician work unsafe for further applications.  


If for any reason you are experience issue problem with a treatment from us, you may contact us directly via phone call, text messages or email within 24 hours after your treatment with us (This is considered as reasonable timeframe). We are happy to help you and provide you the best remedy possible including complimentary lash removal. No refunds will be offered as your payment covers material and times of our lash artist.